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Status Update

Hi everybody!  Hello in particular to everybody who’s come over from the very generous and much appreciated plug from Commandercast.net!

Ironically, things have been very turbulent for me lately as I’ve just started my second year of law school.  The first month is probably the most hectic as everybody is bending their will toward (trying) to get a job.  As such, updates have been a little sparse!

Hopefully by next week I’ll have some time to get some games in and write some new articles.  I do have a feature planned right now based on something by playgroup is trying, called Pauper Guildmage Commander.  The idea is, we can use any card that has ever been printed at common rarity, and our Commander must be either a Guildmage (from Ravnica or Mirage) or a Battlemage (from Invasion or Shards of Alara).  We’re all super excited for this format because the meta-game is going to be turned 100% upside-down.  No sweepers, poor card drawing and card advantage, and much reduced land-ramp shenanigans!  Right now I’m leaning a bit toward Sunscape Battlemage, but Ana Battlemage, Izzet Guildmage, and Dimir Guildmage also have my attention.  Naturally, the release of new guildmages from Return to Ravnica might change my tune as well!

In the mean time, I’d encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed (link on the right hand side) to get notifications for my sporadic updates in the next couple of weeks!  After that, things should return to normal.

Thanks for reading!