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Card of the Week: Lotus Cobra

After a couple of cardz of the week, we’re back to a single-card column today.  I’m trying to rotate through all the colors so I don’t just talk about blue cards and artifacts all the time, so let’s move on to everybody’s favorite Commander color, green.  Today’s card is a great little mythic from Zendikar: Lotus Cobra.  I think this card is quite underplayed in Commander and I think he’s a great little dude.

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On Consistency

Consistency is the measure of a deck’s ability to draw and play the cards which establish its stranglehold condition(s).  There is no Commander deck composed solely of cards which comprise its stranglehold — there are also the support cards which allow the deck to “get there”.  The consistency aspect is what underlies the effectiveness of tutors, card drawing and filtering, mana acceleration, and so on.  Given the importance of all the categories just mentioned, that they fall under the consistency concept speaks to its necessity.

There are general principles which make a deck more consistent rather than less.  A deck which has no way to access a card necessary for its stranglehold condition except hoping that it is one of the cards it sees during the normal luck-based drawing process is simply not consistent.  A deck must take reasonable steps so as to increase the likelihood of accessing the cards it needs to win in every game it plays.  This is most commonly done through the use of tutors.  The second most common way to build consistency is through redundancy.  There aren’t very many cards in Magic that have a completely unique function.  There are usually numerous ways in which a small subset of cards can interact so as to produce the result necessary for one piece of your particular stranglehold condition.  The more “copies” there are of stranglehold conditions, and the more tutors there are to fetch those, the more consistent your deck is in seeing cards it needs to establish your stranglehold.

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