Getting Started

This blog is strategy for the Commander variant of Magic: the Gathering.  My strategy stems largely from a core theory developed in the first few posts.  While it’s certainly not required to do so, reading those posts first will make the blog much more cohesive.  Here is a suggested reading list, in order:

On Life Totals and Winning – this is the general theory that introduces the stranglehold concept and investigates why Commander should be approached differently than other variants.

Establishing a Stranglehold – this article expands on the stranglehold theory and discusses how to “get there” and what sorts of cards to look for when building Commander decks.

On Consistency – this article expands upon the concept of consistency outlined in “Establishing a Stranglehold”.

On Reliability – this article expands upon the concept of reliability outlined in “Establishing a Stranglehold”.

The Art of Disruption – winning games of Commander requires not losing games of Commander.  This article explains the how and why of not losing.

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