Hello and welcome to Nerd Alert!  This is a Magic: the Gathering Commander blog, updated every Tuesday and Thursday, featuring deckbuilding tips, strategy, editorials, and more.  Tuesday alternates features between general strategy articles on just about anything Commander, a deck building column entitled Deck Salad Surgery, or an editorial on the Commander scene in general.  If you’d like your deck to be dissected and discussed in DSS, please send it on in!  Thursday is a Card(z) of the Week column, discussing cards or categories of cards that catch my eye for the Commander format.

This blog initially began as an essay for a friend explaining the differences in card selection in Commander vs. standard Magic.  It is now my attempt to bridge the gap between the so-called “competitive” and “casual” Commander crowds.  I believe both crowds want fundamentally the same experience out of playing Commander; their fundamental difference comes from their approach to deck building.  My goal is to educate the “casual” crowd how to understand and approach deckbuilding such that they will not be at a disadvantage when shuffling up against them, but without having to change what their deck does.  As such, it contains intermediate and advanced strategies but is written with relatively new comers to Magic and Commander in mind.  Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciated!

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